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What is HOG®?

We are always asked by prospective new members what HOG is and “whats in it for me”. We received this from one of or members and it sums up perfectly what HOG is all about.

What HOG Means to Me!

12 years ago a person moved to Red Deer for work.  He didn’t know one person with that move and had no idea what the future held.  That was November 1st of 2002.  9 months later he had his first Harley and was a member of the National and Local HOG Chapter.  He was looking to meet people, develop relationships and maybe, just maybe even friends.

 The upcoming riding season was uneventful, riding solo and learning more about central Alberta and the joy of HD.  Attending dealership events and quietly looking on at all of those people and those bikes.  That was until the HOG Chapter’s final ride of the year.   A note on the board at the dealership advised all HOG members (and hey, I was one… I mean I had to get something for my money) of the upcoming and last ride for the year.  It invited everyone to join in and get known.   It was that ride through the countryside heading first east and then north as the trip headed to the Reynolds museum that I met and started on the journey that HOG has become for me.   It was a group of people who wanted to Ride and Have Fun.   They were welcoming and informative.  They were warm and non-judgmental.  They didn’t care how young or old you were, or how long you had been riding.  They were ambassadors for both HD at large and our dealership, Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson.    They took me under their wing.  They shared their joy of riding, trips completed and trips yet planned.  They included all of those around them, and I was welcomed.  They were fellow members who became more.  Yes, so much more.  They became friends and then finally, Family.

While we all grow and change, HOG was the catalyst that provided one rider with more than he could ever have imagined.   The ability to share the same guidance with others, the ability to plan and execute local rides, group rides and even overnight rides.   To Explore and be part of the HD and HOG lifestyle.  To enjoy both the Destination and the Journey!   And there is still so much more to do and see!

 National Membership – $65,

Local Membership – $20,

Actual HOG Family – Priceless!

 “Ride Free and Have Fun”, that is what HOG means to me.


Go Pro Camera

The Red Deer H.O.G. Chapter has a “Chapter Go-Pro” that is available for any member to borrow. This is a great way to capture video of some of your favorite rides and experiences. Some of our members have taken great videos and will have the video footage to remember forever!

We have handlebar & engine guard mounts, along with a suction cup attachment. The Go-Pro is protected by a fully water proof case for that unexpected weather and also comes with a 16gig SD Card along with the charging cable. If you are going on a trip and think you could take some fun videos, please email  to request a sign out on the equipment.

HOG® Mileage Program Forms  

HOG National mileage forms are available at the HOG board located on the north wall of the showroom at GAH-D.  Please email your forms to HOG National at: It is up to individuals to get the form into the National HOG Program for the mileage registration in the program.